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Atherotech - www.atherotech.com
Atherotech, Inc. is a medical diagnostic and testing company.  The company's proprietary, highly accurate VAP cholesterol test is rapidly becoming the medical standard for routine cholesterol testing. (Acquired by Behrman Capital)
Behavioral Health Systems - www.behavioralhealthsystems.com
Behavioral Health Systems, Inc. is a specialty healthcare company that provides behavioral and mental health services nationally. (Acquired by a management LBO)
Cumberland Pharmaceuticals - www.cumberlandpharma.com
Cumberland Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company.  The company acquires and develops branded prescription products primarily in the gastroenterology, critical care and infection control areas.  (IPO - NasdaqGS:CPIX)
TransMolecular - www.morphotek.com
TransMolecular, Inc. is a neuroscience therapeutics company discovering and developing novel, proprietary drugs to diagnose and treat cancer and pain.  (Acquired by Morphotek, Inc.)

Tranzyme - www.tranzyme.com
Tranzyme, Inc. is a clinical-stage company developing novel small molecule therapeutics for the treatment of gastrointestinal (GI) and metabolic diseases.  (IPO - NasdaqGS:TZYM) (Acquired by OCERA - NasdaqGS: OCRX)

Vaxin - www.vaxin.com
Vaxin, Inc. is a therapeutic vaccine company focused on generating an immune response through non-invasive means.  The company's “EasyVax” needleless immunization technology is utilized therapeutically and preventatively in the areas of infectious disease, bioterrorism and cancer.

Applied Genomics - www.clarientinc.com
Applied Genomics, Inc. develops targeted genomics-based diagnostic and therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of cancer.  (Acquired by Clarient, Inc.)


FoodSource Lures
FoodSource Lure Corp. developed the world's first and only molded fishing lures made entirely out of edible ingredients. Their proprietary technology is also used in drug delivery applications. The company also produces hunting attractants.

Genaco Biomedical Products, Inc. is a post- genomic era biotechnology platform company, utilizing the information and technologies derived from the Human Genome Project to develop molecular differential diagnostics(Acquired by Qiagen, Inc., NasdaqGS:QGEN)



CardioSpectra - www.volcanocorp.com
CardioSpectra, Inc. is a medical device company focused on the development of products based on their extensive patent portfolio of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) systems and associated technologies.  The OCT system allows for fast, extremely high resolution of highly detailed structures in a clinical setting, such as in the vasculature(Acquired by Volcano Corp., NasdaqGS:VOLC)



Vidacare Corporation owns the exclusive rights to innovative intraosseous technology and is leading the development of medical devices that greatly improves the ability of emergency health professionals to administer life saving drugs and fluids in both the pre-hospital and hospital situations. (Acquired by Teleflex, Inc., NYSE: TFX)


Expression Genetics
Expression Genetics, Inc. is focused on developing therapeutics for the treatment of human diseases including cancer and cardiovascular disease.  The company specializes in the delivery of therapeutic nucleic acides (DNA and RNAi) and proteins aimed at specific disease targest via its proprietary TheraPlas technology. (Acquired by Celsion Corp., NasdaqCM:  CLSN)
BioDtech, Inc. markets and develops products for the detection, neutralization and removal of biological toxins for pharmaceutical manufacturing and clinical applications.
PNP Therapeutics
PNP Therapeutics, Inc. was founded to fully exploit the cancer curing potential of the E.coli enzyme, purine nucleoside phosphorylase (PNP).  The Company is dedicated to the successful development and commercialization of a unique suicide gene therapy approach that is predicated on the knowledge that solid tumors can be compelled to develop their own chemotherapy and thus elicit their own self-destruction. 
Discovery BioMed
Discovery BioMed, LLC provides pilot screening and high-throughput screening (HTS) services for therapeutic-related bioassays, custom immortalized cell lines, and therapeutics discovery for certain failure-to-secrete diseases in humans. 
Aeon BioScience
Aeon BioScience, Inc. is a collaborative venture involving Brookwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Targeted Technology Ventures, LLC.  The company is developing new drug-eluting stents that overcome concerns of late stent thrombosis, or blood clot formation at or near the site of the stent and vessel closure due to formation of scar tissue, known as restinosis.   
Halo Monitoring
Halo Monitoring, Inc. is an “aging in place technology” company.  Halo’s product-service offering, myHalo, provides seniors, caregivers, and their families the most accurate and easy to use fall monitoring system and alert system on the market.  Unlike manually activated alarm systems ("panic buttons"), which have been proven ineffective, myHalo uses proprietary motion signal processing technology and a 24/7 call center to automatically detect falls and ensure that fallen seniors can receive assistance when needed.  The product also features a web-based dashboard to facilitate continuous and remote monitoring from anywhere in the world, anytime of day.  (Acquired by MobileHelp)

VectorLogics, Inc. (VLI) is a biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of virus based cancer therapies and therapeutic vaccines for viral liver diseases.  VLI is focused on developing products for the treatment of cancer and liver diseases using attenuated viral delivery systems.  The cancer products are highly selective (recongizing cancer cells - avoiding normal cells) and highly specific (active in cancer cells - inactive in normal cells).  Such products should be radically cleaner, more precise therapies.  (Merged with DNAtrix, Inc.)
Preferred Surgical Products
Preferred Surgical Products, LLC (PSP) is a provider customized operating room turnover packs which include proprietary products with anti-microbial and other distinguishing properties that focus on infection prevention in hospitals.  (Acquired by Ansell Limited, ASX: ANN.AX)
Vivo Biosciences
Vivo Biosciences, Inc. has developed a patented "all-human" bioassay platform, HuBiogel, which allows for rapid analysis of drug efficacy, toxicity and therapy prediction in the preclinical research, drug discovery and therapeutics markets.
Soluble Therapeutics
Soluble Therapeutics, Inc. specializes in the formulation optimization of protein-based therapeutics and vaccines on a contract basis for pharmaceutical, biotech, and vaccine companies.
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